Intradermal allergy testing and desensitization therapy

When animals have been diagnosed with Atopy (Environmental allergy) we will perform an intradermal allergy test on you pet. (This is very similar to the test that your allergist would perform on you if you had hay fever). This involves the injection of a small amount of different individual allergens into the skin. A positive reaction is seen as a lump (a bit like a mosquito bite) that develops over 10 – 15 minutes.

Once the positive reactions have been identified a vaccine can be formulated to control the symptoms (itch, recurrent infections etc)

More information on Atopy please click here (PDF)

Video Otoscopic examination of ears

The shape of dogs' (and cats') ear canals are quite different to humans' in that they have both a vertical and horizontal ear canal. This means that they are very long – for example the length of the ear canal in a cattle dog is approximately 8 cm! The video otoscope is a thin camera that can be placed inside the ear canal, providing high illumination and magnification. This allows our veterinarians to examine and treat the deep aspects of these very long canals. It allows us to identify tumours, polyps and foreign bodies deep in the canal and allows deep cleaning – even into the middle ear, to allow better resolution of disease.

Chronic and Severe Skin and Ear Disease

In all cases we strive to prevent infections and damage progressing to prevent “end stage ear” developing that requires surgery to remove the entire canal


CO2 Laser Therapy

Our clinic is one of the few in Queensland to be able to perform surgery using a carbon dioxide laser. This allows surgery that is less painful and with faster healing as the laser caps the nerve endings as it cuts.

It can also be used to remove proliferative tissue at the opening of the ears and thus preserve the ear structure, remove small tumours without the need for suturing, and vapourise tumours deep in ears that would otherwise be difficult to treat.

More information on CO2 Laser treatment (PDF)

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of middle ear disease

There are only two animal dedicated MRI facilities in Queensland and Dermatology for Animals is able to utilise both to be able to investigate complicated cases of ear disease. This technology allows us to determine the nature of disease in the middle and inner ears. It also allows precise mapping of tumours if surgical intervention is necessary.

For more information about MRI please click here (PDF)

In-house biopsy interpretation

In addition to being able to collect the most appropriate samples from your pets our dermatologists are all trained in the interpretation of the pathological changes which allows much more accurate diagnoses to be made and treatment plans instituted.

More information about biopsy please click here (PDF)

In-house Cytology collection and interpretation

Many of the important changes on the skin occur at a microscopic level. We are skilled at collecting superficial samples from the skin using a variety of techniques and then interpreting this to guide both diagnosis and there

For more information about Cytology please click here (PDF)

Equine Dermatology

Whilst the practice predominantly sees small animal cases, we are trained in the dermatology of all species, including horses. We can and do consult on equine dermatology cases, but these are always seen in conjunction with your regular veterinarian.